Zhangzidao Group is creating Global Ocean Resource Network


On July 7th, China `s largest ground-based oceanic product holding facility - Zhangzidao Group Shanghai Ocean Food Co., LTD. is formally established, marking Zhangzidao has moved forward on global fishery resources integration of good quality and market operation and service ability, and is trying to build a global ocean resource network, to supply the world`s most high-quality, most green and safest ocean Marine products to domestic consumers table.

This company is located in Shanghai China, the registered capital is 10 million yuan, mainly operating on international fresh seafood, warehousing, transportation, packaging, processing, marketing, food processing, sales, import and export, entrepot trade, etc. The total construction area of the company is above 10,000 square meters, that the existing varieties raised temporarily include Boston lobster, Dungeness crab, relaying capacity is close to 260 tons. Through scientific formula to simulate the Atlantic water environment, ensure lobsters to survive 3-6 months.