27,000 tons in 5 months,Zhangzidao Chou has broken the industry record


July 9, as the bulk carrier loaded with 6,100 tons of squid smoothly enter the cold storage, since Zhangzidao central refrigerated established for less than five months, the inventory has reached 27,000 tons, which refreshed the industry record. With advanced refrigeration technology, strict temperature control management, automation and information management, the entire supply chain services, Zhangzidao central refrigerated cold storage was recognized widely by customers.

In addition, the Zhangzidao central refrigeration also provides the full supply chain of trading, logistics services and solutions, including bulk carriers and container goods bonded warehousing,, international transit, stock trading service, financial support services, cargo right to mortgage and banking supervision services, products sorting, labeling, facelift and other secondary processing, domestic cold chain distribution, customs clearance, freight forwarding.