In 2006, ZONECO donated 1 million to create ZONECO Environmental Protection Activist Fund to reward the people in different social areas who devoted themselves to environmental protection and dealing with environmental problems. On the awards ceremony of the star-level environmental protection volunteers in Dalian in 2011, ZONECO received the title of 2010-2011 Dalian Advanced Group of Environmental Publicity and Education.

In 2011, ten team members of protecting the ocean participated in Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteer Association, became the first batch of environmental protection volunteers to protect the Costal Zone of Zhangzidao, and they implemented the first garbage check and cleaning in the Costal Zone of Zhangzidao together with the environmental protection volunteers in Dalian. 

ZONECO also donated 10 million, participated in Green Dalian Fund of China Green Foundation , attended the ecological construction of afforestation and greening and called on all employees to take part in the afforestation and greening activities in Spring in order to step further to strengthen the protection of marine ecology and promote low-carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection to a new level.

Group photo of environmental protection volunteers in Dalian and young volunteers of ZONECO

Every year, ZONECO will organize young volunteers to implement activities like assisting the childless olds, community service and environment protection in poor families, nursing homes, and public places. The ships belonging to ZONECO once voluntarily assisted in delivering the acute and critical patients of the sea island and search and rescuing the shipwreck on the sea for many times. 

The spot of distributing the pension

In addition, ZONECO also established ZONECO Charity (Public Benefit and Pension) Fund and ZONECO Charity (Pension) Fund to provide the people in Daqin Island, Changdao County, Tuoji town, and Wumang village, Xiaochang Mountain, Changhai county, with welfare, infrastructure construction of public undertakings and pension for the old people of the right age, which improves the living standard of the people in the sea island and makes the elderly in the sea island be looked after properly.