International Aid

The charity has no country boundary, the industry of ZONECO covers the globe, and its charity undertakings face the world. 

Chairman Wu Hougang donated ascholarship to Li Dongzhen, chief of Zhendao county, Korea.

At the end of 2004, a heavy earthquake recorded 8.8 magnitudes occurred in the Indian Ocean Area and caused a tsunami. Several countries were involved in the disaster which caused serious injury and death of people. ZONECO donated 195.6 thousand money.

In the eve of the Spring Festival in 2011, the American branch of ZONECO donated 3500 dollars to CAPE COD CHALLENGER CLUB, a local charity institution which helped the mentally retarded children in Boston in order to support the charity undertakings.

On March 11, 2011, heavy earthquake and tsunami occurred near the Honshu, Japan, and the nuclear crisis evoked by the disaster became the point focused by the world. ZONECO donated 1 million to the disaster area in Japan via Dalian Red Cross Society in order to assist the relief efforts in Fucheng county, Yanshou county and so on. ZONECO was assuming its due responsibility as a global enterprise.

In November 2012, ZONECO donated “scholarship for cultivating talents” of 10 million South Korea Won to the Zhendao county in Korea to support the local education.