Donations to schools

Supporting the education has always been the major point of the charity undertakings of ZONECO. In recent years, the donation of ZONECO in education and culture has accumulated to about 20 million, and the group donated to establish the Jingle Primary School in Sichuan, create education fund of Ocean University of China and ZONECO, ZONECO Future Charity Fund, ZONECO Scientific and Technological Encouragement Fund, and other education funds.

In July 2009, the action of love named “Red Label and ZONECO” took effect, and ZONECO donated 1.2 million to assist the reconstruction of the Jingle Primary School in Jintang county, Sichuan. In June 2011, “Red Label and ZONECO” Jingle Primary School was completed, which provided the students with a comfortable environment to study and live.

“Red Label and ZONECO” Jingle Primary School was completed

Since 2009, ZONECO donated 400 thousand to four schools in Changhai county every year to assist the poor students, encourage the excellent student and support the development of education undertakings in Changhai.

In 2010, ZONECO created education fund of Ocean University of China and ZONECO with a total amount pf 10 million to encourage excellent students, assist students with economic family problems and aid other education charities. Currently, there are about 300 excellent students and 300 poor students that have been received the encouragement and assistance respectively.

ZONECO education fund distributed scholarship and fellowship 

In July 2012, ZONECO One-hundred People and Ten-thousand Donation Charity Fund was donated to build and establish, and its amount reached 1.71 million in 2016. According to the will of the donators, the donations have all been used to assist the poor students and poor families in Changhai county. 476 poor student, 218 poor families, 19 extremely poor mothers and 16 poor female children received the assistance successively.