General Meeting of Shareholders is the company’s highest authority, which by law makes decisions on the important matters in the company including determining the management policy and investment plan of the company, select and replace the directors and supervisors who are not staff representatives as well as decide their compensation, consider and approve the annual financial budget and final accounting of the company, consider and approve the profit distribution plan and the plan to cover losses, make decision on company merger, separation, dissolution, liquidation or other changes of company form, formulate and modify the company’s regulations, and rules of debate of Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors, as well as considerate and approve other important matters.

In principle of “fair, just and open,” the company provides the instructions on establishing arelationship with the shareholders and investors and building up aneffective communication channel with the shareholders and investors to ensure all shareholders could exercise their rights to know, participate and vote equally and efficiently. The company organized the annual Meeting of Shareholders and four interim meetings of shareholders.