Aquatic products processing

The company has six aquatic products deep processing bases in Dalian and Rongcheng in Shandong, processing products such as shellfish, sea cucumbers, abalones, fish, crabs, roes, prawns, and echinus, processing around 60,000 tons of seafood.
As the key leading enterprises, the company has built up the quality monitoring traceability system during the whole process, sticking to the standard inspection of HACCP, BRC and GAP. It also passed the International MSC per-assessment and on-site assessment, representing the nation to receive supervision and audit of bivalve mollusks from the European Union, ensuring the safety from ‘production land to tables.' In 2010, Zhangzidao Island made the connections with Wal-mart, the world’s leading retail giant. 
As one of the top domestic brand of sea cucumbers, Zhangzidao has taken the lead in the technology of processing and developing. In 2013, it launched Traveling sea cucumber whose effect was quick, starting the revolution of developing sea cucumbers, reducing the loss of nutrients for sea cucumber during the processing. At the same time, the developing time has been shortened from seven days to eight hours. Zhangzidao dried abalone production technology was guided by Japanese abalone production master, based on the standard of international top abalone production process. The leisure food from Zhangzidao island has nutrition, and they are tasty, favoring by domestic white-collar workers and gourmet master. Three companies named Yong Sheng, Yong Xiang and Hai Dan produced products such as processing shellfish, sea urchin jelly, dry shell columns, frozen cooked whole shellfish, half shell, column connected seed and semi-shell sea urchin that are sold to Australia, America, Canada and Japan. Among them, the total investment of shell processing in Yonghe Company arrived at the total of 1.7 billion yuan, which is the largest shell processing base in Asia. Every year, the shell materials of the company arrive at 29,000 tons with the refrigeration ability.

JINBEI square Branch

’Jin’ means wealth while ‘bei’means luck. Jinbei Square is the large multifunctional trading center for processing shellfish invested by Zhangzidao Group. In March 19th, 2004, the project started to be constructed and was to be completed on May 29th 2005, occupying the total area of 28700 with covered area of 22000 square meters. It has multifunction of fresh shellfish purifying, raising, processing, distribution, wholesale, sales, tourism and shopping. It has reached the international top standards in terms of the aspects of scales, device and techniques. In 2005, it has become the national industrial and agricultural site, reflecting the combination of modern fishing, oceanic culture and island scenery. Jinbei square has 36 large live seafood products purifying pool. Every day, it could purify 250 tons of marine products such as shellfish, sea cucumbers, abalone, sea urchins, halocynthia roretzi, saxidomus purpuratus Sowerby and conch. The world advanced shell screening installation is introduced, which could be used to select around 30,000 kilos, with less than 0.1 percent of error rates. With the purpose of being safer, fresher, more nutritious and more convenient, the company wants to make the dream of citizens to eat shell safely all around year to become true. Jinbei Square introduced Japanese new conditioning equipment and processing technology as well as German Moody's package unit, using the raw materials to reduce bacteria. It has adopted gas packaging and mild sterilization of heating up at various stages, processing different types of marine products timely, which helps to save the quality and nutrients of products. Currently, it has developed a series of products such as delicious sea cucumber, original abalones, can lv and leisure products. Currently, there are two workshops for frozen products and instant foods with more than 100 front-line workers. In 2012, the total processing volume reached 522.57 tons. It has gotten lots of awards including ISO9001 quality management system certification, HACCP food safety management system, national agricultural demonstration site, Dalian construction advanced unit for safe culture in 2011, safe production advanced unit in Xin District in Dalian in 2011. Jinbei Square takes advantages of the communication system, inherit and develop the enterprise spirit of trying to take the lead, making progress, innovative and pursuing development. The enterprise is honest and pays attention to quality and pursuing innovative as a management concept. It has advantages of technology, devices, talents and management, providing better products and services for foreign consumers.

Shellfish processing center

Zhangzidao fishing processing center is the domestic top shell processing center which is the largest in Asia and takes the lead in the worldThe project was started to be constructed in June 2011 and was completed in June 2013with the total investment of 2.3 billion of yuan and 2.1 billion of capital cost. The area of structure for the project is 32,000square kilometers where the project of processing 2.9 tons of shell materials could be achieved with more than 6000 tons of total finished product. It is a processing center of scallop shell, column connected seed, scallops, frozen cooked shellfish and dried scallop with different types and from all seasons. The processing center device used Japanese automatic production line of scallops, specializing at processing scollop, connected column seed, half shells and shells. The refrigeration system takes the most advanced technology of carbon dioxide and ammonia cascade refrigeration technology, taking carbon dioxide as the coolant. In this way, liquid ammonia has been greatly reduced, and the effect of refrigeration has increased, reducing ammonia pollution and the risk of the product. Zhangzidao Fishing and Shell Processing Center facilitates the transformation from traditional shell processing to modern deep-processing, strengthening the chain industry. At the same time, it serves as the model role to take the regional economy to develop.

zhangzidao RONGCHENG Food Co., Ltd

Zhangzidao group (Rongcheng) Food Co. Ltd., located in the front line of Shandong peninsula—Rongcheng Lidao industrial park which is near the sea with mild temperature and beautiful environment. There are only 40-kilo meters between the company and the port of Shidao, 30 meters to Weihai Airport and 30 meters to Weihai Railway station. It could be seen that the transportation is quite convenient.
The company was set up on June 8th, 2006 with registered capital of 10,000,000, cover 100 acres. Until now, the fixed assets are 1.3 billion yuan and the total assets of 2.2 billion yuan with 500 employees. The company specializes in marine products processing with a total finished 8000-ton products worth of 1.7 billion yuan of sales. The main products include frozen squid series, frozen fish fillet series, frozen shrimp series, prepared foods series, powder coated products series and seafood seasoning series. Most products are sold overseas to lots of countries such as Europe, America, Australia, Asia, getting lots of praise from customers. The company wins the praise of one hundred percent of creditworthiness in Australian largest market where consumers said that they wanted to purchase again. The company has the most modern production facilities, strong technology and high-quality talents and scientific management methods. The company has got the HACCP,BRC and ISO9000 from SGC company and it has passed the identification of aquatic products and become the aquatic product registered enterprise to EU. At the same time, it was regarded as the engineering department of business, an advanced unit of foreign investment, leading enterprise in agriculture and industrialization in Weihai. The company is market oriented, trying to increase its core competitiveness, holding the policy of honesty and trying to be innovative. It is trying hard to absolve the advanced management concepts and methods from foreign countries to ensure the food safety, aiming to build up the base that produces lots of tastes and the respective and excellent world’s marine food enterprise.

DALIAN ZHANGZIDAO tongyuan food co.,ltd

Dalian Zhangzidao Tongyuan Food Co Ltd, located in Qiding street in Jinzhou District in Dalian which has beautiful scenery. The company has 500 employees with four workshops whose refrigerated centrifuge reaches 2000 tons and freezing ability in a day reaches 50 tons. The annual export capacity is around 10,000 tons. The company has a team that has high-quality talents, professional management ability and rich experience. It has gained the FDA identification by the United States and EU factory number, and it has passed the HCCP international aquatic product identification, the IS9001:2000 international standard identification, BRC,MSC and ETI identification. The products of the company includes various fillet such as cod, squid, salmon, caballa and caballa and it could meet the demands from customers to make products with different sizes such as fish blocks, scrags, rolls and salt marsh. The making of the product follows the manufacturing practice strictly of SSOP and GMP, ensuring good quality with the quality detecting system.

DALIAN ZHANGZIDAO yongsheng food co.,ltd

Dalian Yongsheng Food Co., Ltd. Zhangzi Island, located in Wa Village in the town of Fuanglu, in Dalian where the scenery is fantastic. The company has 55 employees covering 12234 square kilo meters and 8918.93 square meters of the area of the structure. It has two workshops with 2500-ton processing ability annually. The products of the company include various types of frozen shellfish and dried shellfish such as frozen boiled scallop, half shell, column connected seed, dried scallop and chlamys. It strictly follows the production standard to ensure the quality of products. The company has passed the identification of International aquatic products, HACCP identification, IS9001:2000International identification and QS. The company sells products to domestic consumers, and the products are exported to countries such as America, Australia, and New Zealand, welcoming by foreign consumers.

DALIAN ZHANGZIDAO yongsheng food co.,ltd

Dalian Sea Urchin Food Branch, the subsidiary of Zhangzidao Group Limited, was established in April, 29th,2005, located in Jin Huadao Village, Wan town, Gan jingzi district in Dalian. The company specializes in processing Ice sea urchin. Currently, it has the first-class processing factories and the first-class processing talents with a good ranking among the domestic industries. The sea urchin raw materials come from thehemicentrotus and Strong ylocentrotus nudes without pollutions. The products are sold to Japan which occupies 73 percent of total sales of echinus from China to Japan. At the same time, it will develop new markets in Hongkong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other districts. The company has 50 employees, covering 3000 square kilo meters and the area of workshop occupies 1361.8square kilo meters with the 80-ton production capability annually. The main products include ice sea urchin, and it also products such as sea urchin cans, frozen sea calculus Bovis, half shell calculus Bovis etc. It has gained the identification of HCCP and ISO 9001.

SGS . Laboratory

On March 9th, 2009, the SGSGS standards technical services Co. Ltd. Dalian branch Zhangzi Island Food Laboratory was set up. The SGC is the largest accrediting organizations, setting up the third party food lab in Northeastern area in China. Based on the CNAS-CL01:2006 Laboratory Accreditation Criteria for Testing and Calibration and Accreditation criteria for Laboratory Accreditation, the company conducted the project of managing lab talents including providing services for assessing environmental risks, quality control during the process of production and product safety testing. The testing projects include water quality testing, nutrition label analysis, nutrient composition analysis, food contact material, health-care food testing, sensory, shelf life, expiration date testing, pesticide and veterinary drug residue testing, pet food and feed testing, microbiological test, pollutant testing such as heavy metals and poisons, anaphylactogen, organoleptic investigation and technology support. The reason why Zhangzidao invited the testing giant SGC was to strengthen the quality of enterprise product, with the purpose of being in line with international standards during the food production process and in terms of testing technology and testing standards. It strictly controls the food quality in order to avoid food safety problem, providing customers safe, delicious and ecological marine products.