Dried Abalone

Abalones are dry in textures and flat in flavors. Its oval shape looks like a silver/gold ingot in ancient China, with a higher middle part. Dried abalones have a special flavor after the essence in the body juice gets combined with glutamate in the meat. Dried abalones taste fragrant and chewy after cooking. BUY >Check >

Product specification

Product name Zoneco Dried Abalone
specification 31-40 pcs/500g, 41-60 pcs/500g, 41-80pcs/500g, 81-120pcs/500g, 121-150pcs/500g
Food/storage Restore in water and eat after cooking. Store in the normal room temperature.
Shelf life 18 months
Product features Bred in the pollution-free sea region in 39°N, abalonesare rich in proteins, Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Vietnam A, and globulin. Polypeptidefrom Haliotidae, one particular nutrient contained in abalones, has a special effect in breaking the metabolism of cancer cells and prevent the cancer.